Invitations to Re-Explore Nature as a Cosmic Framework

Carlo Lizzani

Is it possible to talk about the mystery or magnificence of nature and the universe without lapsing into “naturalism”?
The figurative arts (as well as literature) broke away from naturalism more than a century ago now. But what that meant above all was a rejection of any “naturalistic” representations of the human body and the landscape (understood as the framework of our daily lives). But another approach could be to pursue a syntony with the structures hidden within the microcosm of every living cell, or within the macrostructures of that cosmos man has only just begun to explore and which art (along with science) will be able to help us, in future centuries, to become acquainted with, to frequent and to render “human”.

The forms Liberatore creates with his bronzes and his matterist impastos are for me all invitations to explore nature anew in terms not of a landscape, but of a cosmic framework.
The fruit an adventure into matter that began goodness knows when and goodness knows how, and of which man, at a certain point, has become an ephemeral witness.
But is it not the task of the artist to broaden our vision and to lead us courageously along the bumpy roads of space and time? The forms created by Liberatore help us to undertake this journey.